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Receiving Treatment in the USA and Canada now even easier - cooperation with GEM

Receiving Treatment in the USA and Canada now even easier - cooperation with GEM

3rd July 2020 · Service

Going to the doctor, presenting the insurance card and not worrying about the bill – this is standard practice in Germany. In many other countries, however, this is not the rule. In the USA and Canada, Globality Health settles treatment costs directly with providers that are part of our medical network comprised of 1.5 million doctors, hospitals and pharmacies - without the insured having to pay in advance.

In order to make treatments in the network even more convenient, Globality Health has launched a cooperation with the Canadian Global Excel Management (GEM) in July 2020.

“Every case of illness is different. Sometimes it can make all the difference which doctor or hospital we turn to for help,” explains Dr. Cornelia Röskau, Chief Sales and Customer Service Officer at Globality Health. “Particularly when you spend a long time abroad as an expatriate, it is good to have experts who can provide advice and support in the often-stressful situation of illness.

Through active case management, GEM ensures that you are offered seamless service for your treatment. GEM supports and advises insured members with regard to hospital admissions and when searching for a practitioner. GEM also reviews treatment plans, provides second opinions and assists in determining the most appropriate treatment after an inpatient stay.

GEM is a family-run company that specializes in helping patients find the right doctor at the right time and in the right place. In the USA, the company works with three of the largest networks for medical service providers: With Aetna, a network for outpatient and inpatient services, with CVS /Caremark for pharmacies and with DenteMax for dental services. If required, the nearest doctors, hospitals and pharmacies can be found and appointments made conveniently by telephone or via the GEM web portal.

  • For more information about Global Excel Management and its services, please visit globalexcel.com
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