Following the recent developments in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Globality Health and its partners have to adapt to the circumstances and the restrictions that apply in many countries. Please rest assured that Globality Health will continue to be available to you worldwide. All departments and partners of Globality Health are fully operational and can be reached through the known contact channels. We remain available for you through our MyGlobality Portal, mobile App,  e-mail and phone. We do not experience any negative side effects on service levels or turnaround times.

For any questions in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult our FAQ document available here. This document is updated regularly reflecting the development of the pandemic.

Globality YouGenio®

Are you a German resident or moving to


YouGenio® for Germany offers specialised plans for German residents and expats from other countries moving to Germany.

Are you an expat moving to

another country?

YouGenio® World plans offer coverage for non-German expats going to live and work in countries other than Germany.