Customer Satisfaction

Whether staying abroad for a few months, several years or for a lifetime – we remain at the side of our insured members 24/7. It is our aim to offer a service with a real benefit – tailored to the particular needs and requirements of expatriates.

Transparent Feedback

In monthly driven customer surveys, we determine the percentage of our clients who would recommend Globality Health to friends and acquaintances – on a scale of 0-10. Insurants with ratings of 7-10, we count as satisfied customers. Ratings of 9 and 10 are included in the promoter rate.

Satisfied Customers

Customer Quotes

“Many thanks for your assistance with M.`s treatment and claims over the past years. Globality`s process has always been smooth and efficient – and we should know as we’ve submitted plenty!”

Nigel H., Hong Kong, YouGenio

“The service is good, however my friends are mostly aged 50+ and rarely change health insurance. If asked I would recommend Globality. I discussed this topic with colleagues in Dubai where the service is really good.”

Thomas P., United Arab Emirates, recommendation score: 4/10

“I am satisfied with the quality/price ratio. Fortunately, in the time I have had the assurance I have hardly had to use it.”

Manuel P.D.d.R., YouGenio World, Chile, recommendation score: 8/10

“I received good service so far. Those not covered by the insurance is being explained. Response is acceptable to me. There is only one instance where the process of payment got missed. But after my call, I got the payment right away.”

Michael M., Germany, YouGenio, recommendation score: 10/10

“Getting my claims for reimbursement processed is very easy and fast. The process is seamless and intuitive.”

Konstantin I., Bulgaria, CoGenio, recommendation score: 10/10

“When we needed Globality they were there for us and paid all expenses of my wife’s operation in a private hospital without any problems. I would highly recommend this Health Insurance.”

Rainer D., Cyprus, YouGenio, recommendation score: 10/10

“Good level of reimbursement – Usually quick. Sometimes a bit slow to get approval on specific quote. But overall very good.”

Virginie P., Arab Emirates, CoGenio, recommendation score: 9/10

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We are Globality Health

There are over 30 million expats throughout the world – and the number is growing constantly. Globality Health is an internationally experienced health insurer for expats – i.e. those people who live and work abroad for extended periods of time.

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