Following the recent developments in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic, Globality Health and its partners have to adapt to the circumstances and the restrictions that apply in many countries. Please rest assured that Globality Health will continue to be available to you worldwide. All departments and partners of Globality Health are fully operational and can be reached through the known contact channels. We remain available for you through our MyGlobality Portal, mobile App,  e-mail and phone. We do not experience any negative side effects on service levels or turnaround times.

For any questions in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, please consult our FAQ document available here. This document is updated regularly reflecting the development of the pandemic.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether they stay abroad for a few months, several years or for a lifetime – we remain at the side of our insurants 24/7. It is our aim to offer a service with a real benefit – tailored to the particular needs and requirements of expatriates.

Transparent Feedback

In monthly driven customer surveys, we determine the percentage of our clients who would recommend Globality Health to friends and acquaintances – on a scale of 0-10. Insurants with ratings of 7-10, we count as satisfied customers. Ratings of 9 and 10 are included in the promoter rate.

Satisfied Customers
April 2020

Customer Quotes

“Good level of reimbursement – Usually quick. Sometimes a bit slow to get approval on specific quote. But overall very good.”

Virginie P., Arab Emirates, CoGenio, recommendation score: 9/10

“Getting my claims for reimbursement processed is very easy and fast. The process is seamless and intuitive.”

Konstantin I., Bulgaria, CoGenio, recommendation score: 10/10

About us About us

We are Globality Health

There are over 30 million expats throughout the world – and their number is growing constantly. Globality Health is an internationally experienced health insurer for expats – i.e. those people who live and work abroad for extended periods of time.

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