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Cost coverage for COVID-19 vaccinations

Cost coverage for COVID-19 vaccinations

11th February 2021 · Service

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination quickly is currently a high priority for most people. Expats in particular are eagerly awaiting the end of social distancing so that they can get to know the host country and the foreign culture in which they live more thoroughly - or once again visit family in their home country. Globality Health is now supporting its insureds by covering the cost of vaccinations.

“Now that several vaccines have recently become available and vaccination campaigns have started internationally in most countries, we would like to give our policyholders a positive outlook,” explains Dr. Cornelia Röskau, Managing Director at Globality Health. “We are happy to provide them with information on our requirements for coverage of vaccination costs and the services provided by our service centers.”

Globality Health will cover the cost of a COVID-19 vaccination if the vaccine used is approved and licensed in the country where the insured is being vaccinated and the cost is not covered by the local government. In addition, vaccination costs should be covered by the insured’s policy. This is generally the case for all YouGenio and CoGenio policies with the Plus and Top plan  levels. In addition, there may be special arrangements for certain group contracts. Insured persons can find more detailed information in their General Conditions of Insurance.

There are very different procedures for distributing the vaccine worldwide. In many countries, the elderly are  vaccinated first, while elsewhere younger people or people with pre-existing conditions are prioritized.

In general, our policyholders are subject to the public health policies in their country of residence. If you have any questions about regional regulations, we  recommend that you contact your local service center where you can receive information on vaccination centers as well as assistance in choosing a medical provider and communicating with medical staff in the local language.

We have compiled more information about COVID-19 in the FAQs. The General Conditions of Insurance are available in online customer portal “My Globality” or in the download center on our website.

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