FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Corona (COVID-19)


In connection with COVID-19, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions for our customers regarding the coverage and services of Globality Health.

What is the position of Globality Health as a health insurer regarding COVID-19?

Globality Health recommends that all insured persons take precautions and follow the travel advice of the authorities in their country of residence and all countries to which they travel.

As the pandemic is constantly evolving internationally, our policy is reviewed regularly. Our current position is to treat COVID-19 like any other comparable disease, such as influenza.

Globality Health therefore covers all costs for medically necessary treatment under COVID-19 eligible for coverage under the tariffs chosen by the insured.

Does Globality Health cover the cost of COVID-19 vaccinations?

Globality Health will cover the cost of a COVID-19 vaccination if the vaccine used is approved and licensed in the country where the insured is being vaccinated and the cost is not covered by the local government.

In addition, vaccination costs should be covered by the insured’s policy. This is generally the case for all YouGenio, CoGenio and GLOBALITY policies with the Plus and Top plans . In addition, there may be special arrangements for certain group policies.

If you are unsure whether vaccinations are included in your tariff, please refer to your General Conditions of Insurance. You can find them in the MyGlobality online customer portal or in the download center on our website.

What should insured persons do next?

There are very different procedures for distributing the vaccine around the world. In many countries, the older population is vaccinated first, while elsewhere younger people or people with pre-existing conditions are prioritized.

In general, our policyholders are subject to the public health policies in their country of residence. If you have any questions about regional regulations, we recommend that you contact your local service center where you can receive information on vaccination centers as well as assistance in choosing a medical provider and communicating with medical staff.

What treatments does Globality Health cover for COVID-19 disease?

There is currently no specific treatment for COVID-19 virus. However, patients do receive numerous supportive treatments to alleviate the various symptoms of the disease and prevent complications.

All expenses for medically necessary treatment are reimbursable, provided they are covered by the tariff level of the insured. For example, the YouGenio Essential tariff for individual customers only covers in-patient treatment during a hospital stay, while the YouGenio Classic, YouGenio Plus and YouGenio Top tariffs also include out-patient treatment.

If you are unsure which treatments are covered by your Globality Health plan, please do not hesitate to contact your Globality Health Service Center or send an email to contact@globality-health.com

Does Globality Health cover the cost of medications that my doctor has prescribed for me to combat COVID-19?

There are many pharmaceutical treatments currently being tested for COVID-19. If the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends antiviral treatment in the future, this will be recognized by Globality Health and covered by your insurance.

Medicines used as supportive treatments or to alleviate symptoms associated with COVID-19 are reimbursable if they are prescribed by a physician and purchased from a pharmacy or other government approved dispensing point and are generally accepted for treatment of COVID-19.

Please note that the restrictions of your tariff level also apply here.

What services cannot be provided by Globality Health under COVID-19?

The infection situation worldwide is developing very dynamically. We therefore strongly advise our customers to inform themselves about the regional infection situation before a stay abroad or travel. An overview of current high-risk areas can be found, for example, at the German Robert Koch Institute at: https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Risikogebiete_neu.html

We expressly advise against travelling to a high-risk area. We must point out that we may not be able to provide the full range of our services in these regions in accordance with our obligations.

For example, we may be denied access to an area or an insured person by local authorities and laws. In this case, we will resume providing services as soon as the situation changes and public control is removed.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact your Globality Health Service Center.

Does Globality Health cover costs for evacuations/returns for the protection of individuals/employees?

Costs for evacuation/repatriation will only be covered if they are medically necessary due to insufficient medical care available in the country where the incident occurs and our service has agreed to cover the costs.

Please note that some countries have entry or exit regulations to protect the local population, which may influence a transfer decision.

Preventive evacuation/return of expatriates from the country of residence to other countries/home countries to avoid COVID-19 infection is not covered under a health insurance policy with Globality Health.

Does Globality Health cover the cost of a diagnostic test to detect COVID-19?

For insured persons who visit hospitals or doctors’ surgeries and present themselves with COVID-19 symptoms, the tests performed are considered diagnostic procedures to either confirm or rule out infection with the corona virus. We will cover the costs in full under the terms of the contract if the attending physician orders the test according to the recommendations of the local authorities in the country of residence. In Germany, for example, the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute apply.

For insured persons who visit hospitals or doctors’ surgeries and are free from clinical symptoms for COVID-19, the required tests are not considered medically necessary. The test is not considered screening for early detection of disease and is therefore not covered by Globality Health’s tariffs. In these cases, the costs of medical tests would have to be borne by the insured person himself and are not reimbursed.

However, if a COVID-19 test is required as part of our coverage under local regulations – for example, to gain access to hospital treatment – we will cover the cost of this test.

Does Globality Health cover costs incurred due to non-medically supervised quarantine or self-isolation?

Globality Health covers all medically necessary treatment, adequate and appropriate to the situation, in case of testing positive for COVID-19 and experiencing symptoms. Any costs incurred due to non-medically supervised quarantine or self-isolation (for example at holiday destinations) are not reimbursable, irrespective of whether an insured member has tested positive or negative for COVID-19. Any non-medical costs related to quarantine and self-isolation, such as hotel accommodation, food & beverages etc. will not be covered by Globality Health.

What do I have to consider if I am temporarily in my home country or a third country and cannot return to my country of assignment due to COVID-19 and possible travel restrictions?

We would like to give you the best possible support in the current difficult situation. If you will be staying in your home country or in a third country longer than planned, we should discuss what options Globality Health can offer you. Please contact the Globality Health Service Center or send an email to contact@globality-health.com so that we can work together to find a solution that is right for you.

I am having difficulty paying my health insurance premium on time. What do I need to consider?

In this situation, there are several possible solutions. Please contact us by email: contact@globality-health.com, so that together we can find a suitable solution for you.

What recommendations does Globality Health give to expatriates who stay in their country of residence to prevent COVID-19?

Do not travel if you are ill. Please note that some places have screening procedures in place and travellers may be subject to quarantine and testing.

Keep up to date with the latest local COVID-19 hotspots (cities or regions where COVID-19 is widely available). Avoid traveling to these locations if possible, especially if you belong to a high-risk group or have a weakened immune system.

If you have a fever, cough or breathing difficulties, see a doctor early and call him/her before you go. Stay at home if you feel unwell. Follow the instructions of your local health authority.

Our local service partners will be happy to assist you with questions about insurance coverage, local recommendations and regulations, and finding doctors and hospitals in your country of residence.

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Sense and purpose of this document

This document (Frequently Asked Questions) is intended to provide general information about Globality Health’s insurance coverage in the context of the worldwide COVID-19 activities.

This document may not cover every aspect of the subject matter and may not be applicable in every context, is not binding on any stakeholder and does not replace the existing terms and conditions of insurance.