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More benefits included!

More benefits included!

16th October 2020 · Service

Globality Health is expanding its range of benefits. As of January 1, 2021, the international health insurer will cover the costs of nutritional counseling and occupational therapy, as well as the travel costs for an accompanying person during repatriation from the country of delegation. In addition, the scope of pre- and postnatal pregnancy benefits and the catalog of therapeutic aids and appliances has been extensively expanded.

“Feedback and requests from our policyholders were the driving force for the current revision of our General Terms and Conditions of Insurance,” explains Dr. Cornelia Röskau, member of the Board of Management at  Globality Health.  “We are pleased that we were able to put together an attractive package for our policyholders.

The new General Conditions of Insurance include:

  • Extended benefits for childbirth and pregnancy, such as antenatal and postnatal  classes, midwife services,  and nursing  care at home instead of hospitalization  following  delivery
  • Speech therapy for children
  • Medically indicated nutritional advice
  • Medically prescribed occupational therapy
  • Podology treatment, such as medical foot care
  • Wigs and prosthetic bras for women undergoing cancer treatment
  • Travel expenses for one accompanying person, in case of repatriation of an insured person
  • Travel expenses for an insured person in case of illness or death of a family member

The new General Conditions of Insurance will apply from January 2021,  for new as well as  existing insurance contracts . Almost every plan level will benefit from extended coverage.

You can find the new General Conditions of Insurance in our Download Centre.

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