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Focus on customer satisfaction

Focus on customer satisfaction

16th June 2020 · Service

77% satisfied customers - this is the result of our current survey of Globality Health policyholders. Further information on this survey may be found on this blog post.

Since January 2020, we have been regularly asking our policyholders, if they would be likely to recommend Globality Health to others from a scale of 0 to 10, whilst also offering them the opportunity to comment further on their assessment. “More than a quarter of our clients have responded to the survey sent out by e-mail – a fantastic feedback rate,” explains Dr. Cornelia Roeskau, board member responsible for sales and customer service at Globality Health. “We are extremely excited about the high number of positive responses from our customers.”

In May, 55% of those we surveyed provided a rating of 9 or 10 points. A further 22% gave a score of 7 or 8 points for a recommendation. Together, we can therefore count 77% of our policyholders among our “satisfied customers”.

Results of our customer survey, May 2020

In our new customer satisfaction section, we now regularly publish the results of the monthly surveys as well as providing an overview of the results from the previous months. In addition, feedback from individual policyholders can also be found here.

“Of course we do not only publish positive feedback. If our customers agree, we will also make critical comments transparent here”, explains Dr. Cornelia Roeskau. “We believe in our range of services and in our customer support. The positive results of our customer surveys motivates us to continue to give our best. We thank all participants for their evaluations.”

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