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Dr. Cornelia Röskau - second board member of Globality Health

Dr. Cornelia Röskau - second board member of Globality Health

6th July 2020 · Service

In May 2020, the Board of Directors of Globality S.A. appointed Dr. Cornelia Röskau (47) as the second board member of the international health insurer. She will perform this task together with Jens Gruss, who has been managing the company since October 2019. As CCO, Dr. Cornelia Röskau is responsible for sales, application, contract and customer service.

Globality Health specializes in expatriates, i.e. people who live and work abroad for a longer period of time. Global companies as well as private individuals trust in the experience of the company head quartered in Luxembourg.

Since 2016 as Sales Manager Dr. Röskau began shaping the company’s sales activities in the German market. In 2017 she became CCO and managed the sales of Globality Health in all international markets. “In the coming years, our focus will be on individual business and the expansion of online sales in addition to cooperation with globally active companies,” explains Dr. Cornelia Röskau.

Before joining Globality Health, Dr. Röskau managed various positions in the brokerage and consulting business within France and Germany. She completed her studies and doctorate at the RWTH Aachen University, the universities of Madrid, Seville, Trento and Mendoza in Argentina and the FernUni Hagen. In addition to her native German, she speaks fluent French, English, Spanish and Italian.

“With this appointment we have made a clear statement about the importance of sales at Globality Health. I wish Dr. Röskau every success in her new position,” says Christof Flosbach, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Globality SA.

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