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Make our online application tool available to your customers on your website – personalized with your contact data – and benefit online from your partnership with Globality Health.

24/7. Fast processing.

An online contract offers many advantages: The transmission is fast and shortens the processing time. In addition, the required information is available 24/7 regardless of location. Work with us to expand your range of services for expats – i.e. people who live and work abroad for a longer period of time.

Your contact details are transmitted
and remain visible

We offer our sales partners the possibility to publish a personalized link to our online application tool on their own website. In doing so, the broker’s contact information is transferred to Globality Health, displayed in the tool and taken into account when the contract is concluded.

Discover our

Online Application Tool

Expand your
consulting and service

Use the Globality Health online application tool during your consultation with your customer to submit an application quickly and securely. In times of COVID-19, the application may be conveniently completed together with the customer during remote consultation.

Expand your
consulting and service

If the customer cancels the joint answering of the questionnaire; for example, some of the required medical information is missing, he or she can can continue to complete and send the application themself.

Expand your
consulting and service

You have already advised the customer, however he or she prefers to complete the insurance application on their own thus you can then refer them to the link on your website or send them the personalized link to Globality Health by e-mail.

Expand your
consulting and service

A customer will find the link on your website and from here they will be directed to the Globality Health online application tool. In each of this cases you are entitled to the commission – once the application is activated by Globality Health.

Documentation of your consulting services

When you conclude an insurance contract, you are obliged to document a consultation. In the online conclusion module of Globality Health, the customer therefore has the possibility to indicate whether a consultation with you has taken place. Before the client signs the digital application, we will contact you to confirm the consultation.

Easy integration
on your website

  1. Your Globality Health contact will create and send you an individual link, together with our logo
  2. Please integrate both on your website and contact your Globality Health contact for approval
  3. Start the online distribution!

Security aspects

The Globality online application tool is extensively secured. The transmitted customer data and health data is encrypted and processed according to the basic data protection regulation.

The customers provide the legally valid, digital signature quickly and securely at the end of the application. Further information on this procedure is available here.

Would you like to participate in the B2B2C project?

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