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Assurance santé internationale exceptionnelle

pour expatriés

Pour les individus

Les régimes d’assurance YouGenio® proposent des niveaux de régimes variés et une couverture exhaustive adaptés à vos besoins personnels.

Pour les sociétés

Assurez-vous que vos employés et leurs familles bénéficient de la meilleure couverture d’assurance disponible.

Globality Health Blog

Out into the countryside instead of risk areas!

Out into the countryside instead of risk areas!

12 mars 2021 · Dettling's Column

A radical-pragmatic proposal for life with (and after) Corona - Paris, Oslo, Madrid, Warsaw, Vienna, Berlin. Europe's cities are closing down again and shutting down their operations. More and more metropolises are considered risk areas. Closing hours, curfews and bans on accommodation are the result. The Corona pandemic is becoming a crisis of the big cities and metropolitan areas.

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"Cool Germany" - Is Germany the better England?

26 février 2021 · Dettling's Column

With the UK having left the EU at the start of the new year, more and more Britons are moving to Germany. Since the Brexit referendum in 2016, more than 30,000 Britons have acquired German citizenship. Far more live in Germany without a German passport.

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Cost coverage for COVID-19 vaccinations

Cost coverage for COVID-19 vaccinations

11 février 2021 · Service

Getting a COVID-19 vaccination quickly is currently a high priority for most people. Expats in particular are eagerly awaiting the end of social distancing so that they can get to know the host country and the foreign culture in which they live more thoroughly - or once again visit family in their home country. Globality Health is now supporting its insureds by covering the cost of vaccinations.

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Le self-service réinventé
La toute nouvelle application My Globality

Soumettez vos réclamations d’assurance en appuyant sur un bouton dans l’application My Globality. Cette application fournit également un accès pratique et facile à vos informations d’assurance importantes, notamment la couverture de votre régime, des informations de contact d’urgence et des FAQ.