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Leading international expat health insurance cover for the Russian market

AlfaStrakhovanie, the leading Russian universal insurance provider, and Globality Health, the center of competence for all expatriate healthcare business of Munich Re Group (one of the largest insurance companies in the world, AA--S&P-rated, over 40,000 employees across the globe), formed a partnership to provide leading international expat health insurance cover for the Russian market.

Alfa Globality CoGenio offers internationally operating companies and their expatriate staff comprehensive outpatient, inpatient and dental insurance cover throughout the world, as well as straightforward access to professional care and medical services.

The solution offers direct access to worldwide care with the highest standards available, efficient information management for the personnel department and effective cost control.  

Top protection is our first priority

Alfa and Globality Health offer flexible underwriting solutions, high-level products with comprehensive outpatient, inpatient and dental insurance cover, and market-leading services whenever and wherever they are needed. In addition to excellent support, reliability and service.

Worldwide care with the highest standards available

A first-class advice and organisational support are at the heart of our international services for your employees and their families, both when providing benefits and when dealing with general enquiries.



AlfaStrakhovanie Group is the brand umbrella of AlfaStrakhovanie PLC and AlfaStrakhovanie-Zhizn Ltd. The consolidated authorized capital of the Group amounts to 5,000,000,000 rubles. AlfaStrakhovanie Group is a part of Alfa-Group, one of the largest private financial and industrial consortia in Russia (Alfa-Bank, TNK-BP, VympelKom, Megafon, Golden Telecom, X5 Retail Group etc.).

Companies within AlfaStrakhovanie Group have operated in the insurance market for over 17 years. According to rating of Expert RA rating agency the Group is in Top-10 of insurance market leading companies. In December, 2008 the Expert RA confirmed the Group’s A++, the highest integrity rating assigned in 2003.This grade means the high probability of the Group meeting its financial liabilities even under unfavorable economic conditions. The Group also received Financial Strength Rating of Fitch.

Globalites take one mission on a global approach


Globalites are a coalition of selected, high-quality healthcare service partners represented worldwide. Like-minded partners offering customers the best of both worlds – the benefit of a worldwide leading health insurance company combined with the local market knowledge of its satellites.

By choosing only strong, experienced players in any given market, all Globalites ensure maximum service quality with straightforward access to professional care and medical services in each of their respective regions. The ability to provide excellent health services for expatriates everywhere in the world makes Globality Health the first choice for global expatriate and business travel health risk solutions.

The result is a unique offer to the worldwide expatriate clientele, a full-service approach and a sustainable client relationship.